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To make this throw quilt I began by cutting strips of fabric in different widths, wide enough to showcase some free-motion quilting. I picked a palette of colors that I liked, being careful to include a range of light, medium and dark colors, some bright and saturated colors in addition to  some dull and flat colors.IMG_3670
I cut strips and arranged them on the wall. The original idea was to just have a quilt of horizontal stripes, but when I added a few vertical pieces I liked the way it looked and decided to insert some of these pieces.


It was really a simple quilt to piece and the whole thing came together in less than a day.

When I was ready to quilt I made up small sample with a scrap strip of each of the fabric colors I used in the top. I tested out my thread choices on this sampler so I could pick thread colors. This works very well for me–it takes a bit more time in the beginning, but it helps me pick the right thread color. I used 12wt cotton thread–so it’s thick and visible. Once I know what color thread looks best, I can get right on to quilting!IMG_3684

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